Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Welcome to Windows

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This is where your journey begins and you become a student of Windows in a way that you have not  seen before. There has been too much taken for granted in the use of Windows and the many features it has to offer over the years.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Poor PC Performance

Slow Running Computer:

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After you have owned your computer for a long time and have been using it daily for Internet, writing and other projects or work but have not done any maintenance on the system, you may experience a slower response from the computer to the point of it slowing down. Here are some tips in helping you clean up the computer without losing any files from work.
·        Run disk clean up from the C:\ driver using properties
·         Delete temp files from the Start menu: entering %temp% in the search field of the Start Menu
·         3rd party resources for system performance can be installed but can be flagged as Potential Unwanted Programs in some locations like corporate offices (Jetclean, CCleaner, other free cleaning systems)

Remember to reboot the computer at least once a week or if possible daily to keep the computer in working order. Plus, whenever you receive a prompt on your desktop for Windows update(s), it's always good to run them when you are not working on any projects. In most cases, the updates require rebooting the computer when they complete.

Google Chrome


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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Windows Explorer

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Here is the example image of the window not normally understood as Windows Explorer.
However, in this window, one can manage all the files and folders as needed.

Sometimes this name is confused with Internet Explorer, however, the functionality is for managing folders and files within your computer. These days, it's best to store your folders and files on an external media source or on the Cloud in the event of a system crash.

As seen in the image, you can create folders and name them as you want to organize your files and have them sorted in your own manner. You can also rearrange by moving files and folders or simply copy them.